Kindergarten Support Groups

The Association has two ways in which whānau can support their local kindergarten:

  • as a member of a kindergarten committee, or
  • as a member of friends of the kindergarten group.

Formal Committee

Kindergartens are supported by a Committee of parents and whānau who are elected annually. Being a member is a great way to get to know people, to learn more about the environment your child(ren) are in and to participate in your committees’ activities.

The Committee is responsible for:

  • fundraising for any major projects that are outside of the annual kindergarten budget
  • applying for grants
  • simple maintenance, and
  • supporting the teachers.

Friends of the Kindergarten

Friends of the kindergarten can best be described as a group of people that meet to assist the kindergarten teams in an informal way. It has been a way to continue to provide whānau with an opportunity to meet new people, to work behind the scenes of your kindergarten of choice without the pressure traditionally attributed to formal committees. Most of our kindergarten’s communities now chose to operate as a friend of the kindergarten group.

Becoming involved!

For an overview on what being a committee member or member of friends of the kindergarten group involves, we invite you to visit your kindergarten of choice and talk to our teachers who can provide you with more information.

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